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Pro-PC — 24"



  • Re-Engineered Grease Management System We've updated our method of managing the cooking grease to make for even more pleasurable grilling experience, while improving the grilling capabilities in the process.

    In particular, here is what we've done:

    1. Re-engineered the Flavorizer to funnel grease into TWO grease collector trays located at each side of the grill.
      • In addition to superior grease containment, this upgrade makes for a more uniform cooking surface with literally no "hot spots" or "cold spot" on the cooking surface.
      • Enhanced DIRECT COOKING capabilities allowing you to get DIRECT HEAT to your meat for "old style" traditional grilling or INDIRECT HEAT for advanced convection cooking — the Smoke-N-Hot's specialty.
    2. Meat Probe — Standard! - While we've always had the most advanced electronic grilling mechanism in the industry, we've found a way to improve upon it by adding a feature that make it practically impossible to "kill" a piece of meat if you go inside, or get distracted for a few minutes while grilling (and we all know that can happen!) We call it the "Meat Probe Set Reach" feature and what it does is put the grill into idle or "Smoke" mode at 180 degrees once the set temperature has been reached.

    3. ProGrill Digital Controls — Standard! Fully automatic — control your grill from a smoking low of 180° to a Smoking Hot sear of 600° with just the push of a button.
    4. Sleek Style—Fits in any yardscape.
    5. Porcelain Enamel combustion module—extremely durable in high temperature applications and easy to clean.
    6. Porcelain Enamel combustion module -extremely durable in high temperature applications and easy to clean.
    7. Larger second-level grill area with hinged fold-over feature.






    9. Our Porcelain Enamel Grill body provides high style, maximum durability, and easy clean up. The porcelain cooking grids provide easy dishwasher clean up.
    10. 2 Side Shelves—providing all of the work space you need for a successful grilling experience ... Included are baked on finish side shelves as standard; Stainless Steel shelves are optionally available.
    11. Rear Mounted Pellet Hopper—holds an easy to load 23 lbs of pellets for hours of cooking time.
    12. Optional Rotisserie attachment now available.
    13. Has a 718 Sq. In. Cooking Area — large enough to easily cook large turkeys.
    14. Our exclusive Flavor Intensifier System brings out the maximum flavor for that true BBQ experience.
    15. The Hot House Flavor Dome is designed to vaporize the cooking juices and provides the option of direct cooking or the evenness of convection cooking—we do it all.
    16. Easy Assembly—the grill is 90% pre-assembled for easy set up.
    17. A full Cart & Shelf are included, along with heavy duty wheels and leg levelers.
    18. Measures 52" W x 45" H x 32" D
Push a button - cook a perfect meal—we take the guess work out of grilling! The Smoke-N-Hot digital control is the heart of the grill, allowing you to become a master backyard chef. Simply push the Smart Start to start the grill, then set it to the temperature you want to cook at. Looking to smoke a juicy, tender brisket? Just push the smoke button and your grill will hover at 220°. Want to sear a mouth watering rib eye? Just boost the temperature to 600° . Whatever special recipe you have, you can set the temperature anywhere from 180° to 600°.


What makes Porcelain Enamel so special? Porcelain is actually glass fused to metal. The result is very smooth durable surface that will not corrode. This makes clean up easy and your grill a life time value. Clean up is a snap with the easy to clean burn pot, just pull it out and empty it and the cooking surface is also easy to clean; all due to the enamel coating.


Nothing imparts flavor like pellet grilling. Amaze your friends, family and neighbors as you cook up perfect, delicious, juicy meals time and time again, whether it be ribs, chicken, roasts, steaks, name it. With the Smoke-N-Hot, grills unique Flavor Intensifier system you can be assured you have the finest grill in its class.





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